What we do

We are a full-service consultancy group comprised of a team of experts with years of experience utilizing propriety technologies we have created specifically for this industry

Greenipedia is comprised of seasoned industry experts, attorneys*, technologists, product specialists, elected officials, lobbyists, design, marketing and packaging, chemists, sales, master growers, 420 chefs/kitchens and more.

Our process includes:

  • Strategic Planning
  • City Applications and Licensing
  • State Application for Licensing
  • CUP hearings
  • Business plans
  • Financial Pro-forma Models
  • Signage/marketing
  • Pre-License product Line Design Concept
  • Pre-License Branding
  • Pre-License Cultivation/Manufacturing (MIP) Facility
  • Pre-License Dispensary Design
  • Product Licensing and Strategic Partnerships
  • Products and Services
  • Operations
  • Building & Construction
  • Security Plan
  • Fire Plan
  • Community Engagement
  • Management and Governance


Let us go to work for you.



*Greenipedia is not a law firm